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Indianapolis Area Railroad Radio Stream

Listen to local railroad radio traffic with your browser – note, the Indianapolis railroad map at this website is by longtime RFI member Pat Sweeney.

Central Indiana Railroad Information Network

This web site maintained by            Ed Caylor is dedicated to providing railroad information (both historical and current) for the central Indiana area. The site features photos, maps, and audio files.

Indiana Railroads

This site is dedicated to all railroads in the Crossroads of America.

Extant Indiana Railroad/Railway Structures

List, by county, of historical railroad related structures in Indiana.

Railroads of
Madison County

This web site maintained by Roger Hensley features the history of railroads in Madison County.


Rosters, historical information, maps and photographs are available here for those interested in the nation's largest terminal railroad.

Indiana RR Web Sites

Central Indiana Division, MWR, NMRA web page with many links to sites related to Indiana railroads and traction lines.

North American Interlockings

The goal of this site maintained by RFI member Dan Maners is to “keep the memory of interlocking alive.”

Chicago Area Rail Junctions   


An in-depth look at some busy rail crossings in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana, two of the most densely packed rail regions in the United States.

Larry Zimmerman’s Interurbans/Streetcars – What’s Left In Indiana



Larry was the long-time secretary/treasurer of Railfans of Indianapolis.  In 1989 Larry became deeply involved with "Doc Blackburn's Hoosier Traction Meet" and handled most arrangements for the meet until his death in 2003.  This list was developed for those attending the meet...It was decided that the list should be maintained and updated as a tribute to Larry and as a "thank you" for the research he performed and his willingness to share his knowledge with other rail and traction fans.  


Indiana Trails Fund

Longtime RFI member Richard Vonnegut is president of Indiana Trails Fund, which has as its goal the conversion of abandoned railroad right-of-ways to bike trails and greenways.

Indiana Passenger

Rail Alliance

The Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance is a grassroots, volunteer citizen organization dedicated to making available to both the general public and state and local governments, information about the issues and benefits of the development of modern, 21st Century, passenger rail systems in the state of Indiana.

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